Just gonna take this in English so you guys I’ve met in Cape Town don’t have to Google translate everything…😅

Ok, I am in Istanbul while I’m writing this and it’s been 12 hours since I left Cape Town…and already missing the place and the people I’ve met, so much!!

I just wanted to say, thank you to each and everyone of you!

Thank you guys for all the memories at the hostel! It has been so nice getting to know people from different countries such as Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and so on! And you German girls surprised me. You are all so funny, kind and goodhearted. Who knew?;) When all the German experience I had was ”German compared to other languages”. Haha 😂 Thank u for changing my image of Germans😅😘

Thank u so much Ollie, for doing the hiking up Table Mountain with me! It was so funny, really hard, but so funny! Sad we didn’t have the time to say goodbye though…but I wish you all the best!😘 This picture will always make me laugh so hard.. Thank you for that one! 😘

Ofcourse a big thank you to my Swedish girls…Emilia, Evelina, Ella, Frida, and the ”almost swedish” Finnish girls 😘 Henna and Jessica!

Thank you Emilia, for the memories when we did the winetasting in Stellanbouch……..

THANKS for the amazing stay at President Hotel the last days here…

And the restaurant….Please people… if you ever go to Seapoint, go to Kloofstreet House! 👌 WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT ❣

Unfortunately we didn’t always have the best of luck with the weather… But then we did some shopping! V&A Waterfront and the even bigger shoppingmall in the last picture called Canal Walk…

Thank you Ella, for the memories we share when we went to the 3-day safari. The caves, the elephanwalking, the canooing, the hilarious and craaazy Bungyjump, and finally the safari😍😘👌Also for all the laughs you made me have during this weeks.. 😂 💕

Thank you Evelina, for our travel here together. It felt so safe going with you. Do you remember how nervous we where? Now I wonder why? 😅 Cause everything have been so easy since we came to Cape Town. Nothing complicated at all.. But still, we where both so nervous for what to come, so thanks for sharing that with me. Next time we can actually go alone and not feeling scared of going to Cape town on our own 😘💘

Thank you Frida, we didn’t share so much time together but I want you to know you are a really sweet person and you are so funny! I noticed we share the same kind of humour, did notice ? 😘 hope the rest of your stay is good and have a nice travel home when so❣

Thank you Henna, for our wine-evening together at OBS cafe.🍷👌I needed that night for just relaxing and to just sit and talk about life…so thank you for being the person that you are! Don’t know if I told you but you’re a really good listener. Thank you 🙏💖

And Jessica, thank you for your big heart. You are one of the most kind human being I’ve ever met. Thank you for inspire me with your kindness. Keep being u💕

Thank you E for encouraging me at the gym, for believing in me taking heavier weights, when I didn’t think I could do it. And hey, I really didn’t like you sometimes, just like u said😉

But now, I really do and I’m so grateful for everything. So sad we didn’t have time to say goodbye.

Haha if I felt pain? I don’t even wanna go there…but that pain made me progress and it was worth it in the end! Just like I knew it would! My final body goal is this 1st of June, but with everything you thought me, think it can be earlier. However, I know it’s all in my head/mind now. Good luck with the one after me 😉 so, you have to send me your address for the drawing of your son!! Write on Insta. Many thanks E. Really….I’m going home feeling stronger than ever. THANK YOU 👊💪🏋🏽‍♀️

My last thank you, is for you Kevin. Don’t know how to start cuz you’ve helped me with so much while I’ve been here.. Already missing u!

SO I am just gonna say a big thank you🙏💖 for being you. For being so easy, funny and caring! For making me laugh so bad I’m going home with a six-pack 😂 even though the jokes are almost always about me and my stupidity 🙄😂 haha sitting at the airport in Istanbul right now and can’t stop laughing when I think about ”where to put up the photo”… it’s so sad but so funny in the same time… hahaha..

And also for dinner, and the ride to the airport. Maybe I would have been stuck in securitycheck otherwise, they thinking there’s something really messed up with that woman… 😂

Till er svenskar som läste detta, jag åkte med en organisation som heter Goexplore. Gå in på sidan vet ja! Kolla runt lite… Du kanske också borde göra denna resa som volontär till Kapstaden? Jag garanterar att du kommer komma hem med helt fantastiska minnen och att du kommer gjort din resa för livet. Kapstaden är den finaste staden!

Tack för denna tid! ❤


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